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I just got finished knocking up a few more affiliate publisher webpages, and I wanted to get a few (constructive) reactions from members of the 420 community. I'm working really hard for you guys to give you what you want, so please be kind when you reply. Here are the pages I want feedback on:

Haze Marijuana Seeds look pretty gnarly. I definitely want some Light of Jah Marijuana Seeds, but they are really expensive. The giggle factor is supposed to be quite good though. Master Kush Marijuana Seeds seem pretty popular, so up they went. Early Misty Marijuana Seeds are supposed to be like White Widow, only they flower earlier. Everybody on the newsgroups raves about diesel this and that, so I put up a New York Diesel Marijuana Seeds review. 

So tell me what you think. Did they make you want to buy seeds and start your own balcony garden?  Was there anything you read that might put a customer off?

Lemmy know.
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