damn it feels good to be a gangsta (cheapsexwhore) wrote in the_drug_club,
damn it feels good to be a gangsta

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so this weekend my friend and me helped a friend out and threw a backyard show in Pacoima. I had 40$ and my bong on me. I bought 5 Mickey 40's and saved a 20$ for some bud. some guy was gonna sell me some kush so my friend and me went ins on a 40$ he had us waiting for like 1 hour so I got tired of waiting and left. instead I found some friends who smoked me out. so I was at a nice buzz and then stoned. people had me running around all night looking for cigs, beer and bud. then someone asked to borrow my bong and I handed it to them. later on in the night I remembered about my bong but I cant remember who I let borrow it. I MISS MY BONG! ive had some good memories with it =[
so that was my weekend.

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